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All About Adhesives!

There are many different adhesives available for labels. Here are the basic types:

Cold/Freezer Temperature: Enables a pressure-sensitive label to adhere when applied to refrigerated or frozen substrates generally +35 F or colder.

Permanent: High adhesion; usually cannot be removed without destroying the label. This is the most common adhesive and ideal for warehouse cartons or products at room temperature.

Removable: Low adhesion; can usually be removed from the substrate without pieces remaining on the surface. May cause damage to the surface of some materials. After a period of time or exposure to weather, the removable label becomes permanent.

Textile: An adhesive that removes cleanly from fabric. If left on the fabric for extended periods of time, staining may occur. Should not be used on velvet, fur, suede, leather or plastic. Ideal for clothing return labels.

Ultra Removable/Repositionable: Adhesive that allows a label to be reapplied in another area and is not limited to the number of times it can be repositioned. Repositionable adhesive does not gain permanency over time. Use for windows, glass and other surfaces where clean removal is essential.

PRX Print will work with you to determine the most effective adhesive for your label application. Contact us for your help with your next requirement!

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