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If your product could speak to your customer, what would you want it to say?

With Augmented Reality (AR) labels, you can communicate directly with prospective customers and end users, engaging them with an exciting “life-like” experience! Educate consumers, promote your product and convert more sales with talking labels that bring your brand to life like nothing else can!

How does it work? Users download and open a free app on their mobile device and scan your label for an entire virtual experience – “live” information about your product, video instructions for use, fun and exciting contests and much more! The possibilities are endless! Use your pressure-sensitive label to differentiate your product, maximize its impact and call consumers to action.

Augmented Reality labels will deliver powerful and valuable analytics as part of your company’s marketing strategy. Along with demonstrating your product in an innovative and engaging way, they facilitate data collection with full analytics and “pay per scan” detailed, quantified statistics. Available for any budget level!

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