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Should you print your labels in house yourself or outsource to a label company?

Should you print your labels in house yourself or outsource to a label company? You’ve probably heard of the saying, “If you want something done well, do it yourself.” However, if you don’t have the right tools, knowledge, and experience, you’ll probably regret it and waste a lot of time and money. The decision comes down to a few factors: the simplicity or complexity of your label design, material and adhesive, how many labels you need to print, and what kind of product look and market you’re after. If your label design is simple, the material and adhesive are standard,  and you don’t need that many labels, then printing your own labels is worth considering, but if your labels are more complex (shapes, sizes or specialty material such as gloss, foil or textured), require a special adhesive (for cold temperatures, moisture resistance or removable applications, for instance), or if your product has a speciality or niche appeal for high-end or major retailers and up against many competing brands, you’ll want to hire an established label printing company to elevate the look of your product with high-quality labels.

Hiring a professional will give you greater peace of mind that your labels will look and work great. At PRX Print, we have many customers who started out printing their own labels and then switched to us to print their labels because they’re looking for a higher quality or can’t keep up with demand, or their equipment is too costly to operate and maintain.

PRX Print prints high-quality pressure-sensitive adhesive labels, shrinksleeve labels, digitally printed pouches, retail boxes, tags, signs and banners, and more. We have a team of packaging professionals including a full-time graphic designer to assist you with your artwork and layout needs as well as determining the best solution at the best price for your packaging requirements. Call us today! (905) 670-2014